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Thanks :)

Stuart, 13Dec17

Good choice

Helen, 12Dec17

Prosze przywiezc zamowienie na stapleton road 503 bs5 6Pq

Lukasz, 08Dec17

nice people

Lukasz, 08Dec17

mi?a obs?uga

Lukasz, 08Dec17

Food is amazing i love going to eat at piccante pizza its one of my favourites places to order or collect food i definitely recommend this place.

Tameka, 08Dec17


Conrad, 06Dec17

No problems with online order. Great pizza.

Szymon, 26Nov17


Humayun, 16Nov17

All good

Laura, 14Nov17

Really nice pizzas

Waqaas, 12Nov17

very fast delivery. food tasty

Janek, 10Nov17

Quick delivery yummy food

Madeeha, 05Nov17

Quick delivery. Yummy food

Madeeha, 05Nov17

Nice food

Dan, 03Nov17

Nice food

Dan, 03Nov17

I ordered from here because it was only up the road. I've ordered before and collected, as well as using the delivery service but it's never taken this long. When it says 60minutes waiting time - you don't expect it to take longer for one large kebab to be delivered 0.3 miles away. Maybe the delivery driver wasn't available but nevertheless I should have been told that. Saying that. I called and the delivery took 2minutes after I called! Crazy turnaround and the food is impeccable with flavour. Redeemed for sure

Daniel, 02Nov17

Best pizza place in horfield by far

Dan, 01Nov17

Very good

Ryan, 25Oct17

Very happy with order speed and food

Jane, 01Oct17

Lovely food and delivered on time as it said online, they did forget my DR Pepper but returned around 40 mins later with my DR Pepper and a complimentary bottle of Pepsi, that’s great service thank you.

Steve, 22Sep17

a great local pizzeria with great prices and tasty food.

Tom, 12Sep17

Very nice pizza

Waqaas, 10Sep17

Sometimes parts of the order are missing!!

Lyn, 26Jun17

Ordered my food an hour ago and I'm still waiting

Cheyenne, 15Jun17

Hi. Just an FYI. In yiur website. The titles under the Kebabs section are misaligned. E.g. under Lamd Doner Kebabs, it lists Chicken Kebabs. No issue. But thought you might like to know. Thanks.

Ben, 14Jun17